How to Care for Indoor Plants

These are red, black, brown, or tan pests that are about the size of a dust particle. They usually feed from the undersides of the leaves causing the top side to turn pale. They are a greater problem during periods of high temperature and low humidity. Showering your houseplants once or twice a month will help control these tiny pests. Enclose the pot in a plastic bag to keep the potting medium in place during this treatment. Most problems result from too little or too much water.

If your Kamerplant verzorging lean forwards or bend towards the light, you can rotate them in place every few weeks to help them grow more straight. Because they’re so heavy and high, I try to avoid taking hanging plants down for watering. Therefore, we prefer to have sufficient drip saucers under the pot, either as part of the pot or tucked within the hanging sling. A few of our hanging plants that wander the house. The top and lower left are pothos, one green and one marbled queen.

That doesn’t mean yours will be same unfortunately. Of all these methods, using seaweed is definitely the most simple and straightforward! This is the seaweed extract we love and use in our garden. Just follow the dilution instructions on the bottle.

“”Most orchids are pretty forgiving,”” says Nejman. “”If they’re lucky, I water them every week or week and a half.”” It’s not only easy to care for but when it blooms, it gives off sweet vanilla-like scents. Maybe you just spent hours on Pinterest or have been wanting to want to create a more relaxing bedroom to retreat to at the end of your day. Whatever your reason, adding more green, luscious leaves to your home can be a great way to freshen up your place and create a calming environment.

Still air, on the other hand, can cause a host of ailments in your houseplant. That’s why all greenhouses have those giant fans running. If plants don’t get the light they need, they won’t necessarily die, but they will stop producing new growth. My last apartment had exactly four (that’s right, four) windows, and they all faced directly east. It struck me as an inhospitable environment for houseplants, a dark and cool dungeon that offered them little invitation and support. This evergreen shrub, also known as an umbrella tree, can grow 15 feet outside, but under the watch of a forgetful gardener it will grow more slowly indoors.

I live in Tucson which is hot and dry for 5 months of the year so I water my houseplants roughly every 7 days. In winter I cut back the frequency back to every 10 – 21 days. Houseplant growers often grow plants in soil with little to no drainage.

That tiny fiddle leaf fig is about four feet tall now, living in another corner. The new cubby shelf is full of air plants, which deserve a post of their own. Caring for houseplants isn’t all that complicated! More often than not, people literally love their plants to death. They fuss over them more than necessary, and very commonly – water way too much. Mealybugs and scale are commonly seen on houseplants.

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