Portable Toilet & Porta Potty Rental

The glazed surface is Self-Cleaning, simplifying maintenance. This Toilet is great camping, hiking, or backpacking accessory. The bottom of the portable toilet equipped with a non-slip design, ensuring the safety of the user. Employees will, most importantly, have a healthier work environment when you supply them with the most sanitary equipment and service, helping to eliminate excessive sick leave from work.

Additionally, all of CALLAHEAD portable restroom trailers have flushing toilets and full service sinks. Whether your rental need is for a necessity at the construction jobsite, a formal event or movie shoot, callahead portable restroom trailers are the best in New York. Our premium portable toilets have the look and feel of using a bathroom inside your home, so users who are usually skeptical feel at ease. CALLAHEAD has developed more for the portable sanitation industry than any other company in New York.

We only want a clean portable toilet for ourselves, our employees, our family and our friends. We want to provide them with the best resources available because we care about their needs and their health. Going to the bathroom is one of the most personal things we all have to do. It is a necessity in all of our lives, and when using a public restroom we are at risk of being exposed to germs and bacteria that can cause illness. Shouldn’t you consider the risks involved in renting from the cheapest company? If the trucks and tools they use to service your equipment are not cleaned daily and in like-new condition, how can they possibly clean your portable toilet?

We are the porta potty company that sets the standard which all others try to compare. However, none of them have the experience, creativity or resources to do so. Whether your reason for leaving us was due to a false sales pitch promising better equipment and service, lower price or an unpaid balance due to CALLAHEAD, we will always welcome your return. At CALLAHEAD we would never want egos or embarrassment to interfere with reestablishing a relationship of past CALLAHEAD customers, no matter what our history may hold. Our same day delivery guarantees you like-new equipment from a professional uniformed driver on one of our brand new delivery trucks, within New York City, Long Island, and Wescthester, N.Y.

Or if you’re content with something simpler, the Luggable Loo is always a solid choice. Confirm how easy it is to remove the holding tank and dump the waste. Most porta potty camping toilets like the Thetford or Camco versions come in 2-5 gallon sizes. The larger tank sizes are heavier to carry when full, but unless you’re really short on space, most prefer the larger toilets. Plus, the extra tank capacity also gives you the freedom to flush with more fresh water to keep the toilet bowl clean. Bucket toilets are the most basic kind of portable camping toilet.

One very important reason is reducing traffic and making your guests comfortable. We have a portable toilet for every occasion, call us today to get yours. Although designed for very small spaces, this toilet looks perfect in every modern bathroom. Featuring a concealed and smooth skirt design, it is not only visually appealing but also easy to clean. The powerful dual flush is extremely reliable and provides performance that never fails. The extended front bowl sits at a convenient height for ease of use.

Portable urine-diversion dehydration toilets are self-contained dry toilets sometimes referred to as “”mobile”” or “”stand-alone”” units. They are identifiable by their one-piece molded plastic shells or, in the case of DIY versions, simple plywood box construction. Most users of self-contained UDDTs rely upon a post-treatment process to ensure pathogen reduction. This post-treatment may consist of long-term storage or addition to an existing or purpose-built compost pile or some combination thereof. A post-treatment step is unnecessary in the case of very modest seasonal use. A chemical toilet collects human excreta in a holding tank and uses chemicals to minimize the odors.

We offer a variety of portable toilet options, including the traditional porta potty, solar restrooms, and restroom trailers. Each of our models is designed to function to meet your needs. We understand that the portable toilet you rent represents you. CALLAHEAD trucks are the cleanest and most reliable service trucks so you are guaranteed timely service and will never have a beat up old jalopy arriving on your jobsite.

For formal events and those taking place at night oftentimes, you would be better served with a restroom trailer. However, when space is a concern, regular bathrooms are available, or there are a large number of guests, portable toilets should do just fine. You should also consider the size of your event when choosing your portable restroom facilities. If you’re hosting a large event, you’re going to have a number of people attending, so you will need more facilities. A combination of restroom trailers and portable toilets could be a good choice.

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